Here is a quick synompsous of my discovery that the Seiko 6139 was the first automatic chronograph in space:

Through one random post on the Military Watch Resource, I was able to identify the space mission (Skylab 4), the Astronaut (Col. William Pogue), and finally contact him, asking "Did you wear a Seiko 6139 on Skylab?"....he must have thought I was nuts !  Instead, he wrote back (via USPS), and gave me not only the verification I was looking for, but other details as well (he used the watch to time engine burns, a copy of the PX receipt where he purchased the watch and other Smithsonian level stuff).

As seen on this first scan, he wrote in the margin of my original letter and gave me more information than I ever would have imagined:

This is VERY cool ! His original PX receipt from when he bought his 6139...and how he paid it off over 3 months (as a Lt. Col !)..priceless.

Based on the number of questions generated by my first post, I wrote him again asking, did you wear the 6139 in space? Here was his response:


Thanks for sharing in the excitment and understanding as only a WIS could ;> And an even bigger thanks to Col. Pogue for putting up with me and these crazy watch questions